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Children's Day Bonanza

Username: child
Password: #ChildrenDay2020

UPG is giving  30 days Bonanza to Children as celebration gift for 2020 Children's Day.

27th May to 30th June 2020

Happy  Children's Day

Following the recent closure of Primary Schools due to Covid-19, a health pandemic. We wish to introduce a revision app called practice common entrance online for primary schools in Lagos state and other states in Nigeria. We seek for partnership and
collaboration with Governments, School Proprietors , Banks ,and Corporate Organizations who will drive this noble vision in the learning and ICT development of our children. The card costs ₦1,000 for 3 months and there is discount for bulk purchase
It s a revision tool based on the Nigerian Curriculum and derived from the common entrance examination for admission into secondary schools. The common entrance practice resources are embedded in Unity App which is the teaching the History of Nigeria
through reading and puzzle games.        

 Our Vision is to instill hardwork and confidence in our children in their educational pursuit and forstall examination malpractices in schools.  This is the right time to engage our pupils and children while at home. Our target audience
are pupils in primary 6 in Nigerian Familes comprising of about Ten million (10 million ) users , who are preparing for this examination into secondary schools.    

We wish to partner with Education Stakeholders , Institutions, banks and schools to drive this noble objective  which is proudly Nigerian. The app costs ₦1,000 per scratch card , which is inclusive of an incentive fee of 20% discount to
our partners. Payments can be made online or through cash. Thank you for your favourable consideration.  

Yours Faithfully,                          

Mrs Iganya Okeme.                          Ideasource Limited

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